Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some Snow

Snow around here is such a funny thing. It's sortof like a hurricane. Everyone starts preparing days in advance and then it rarely amounts to anything close to what was forecasted. Yesterday school were closed for impending weather conditions. The snow started with the smallest flurries at 4pm. By 11pm we maybe had a dusting. Overnight we did get a couple inches. Let me tell you whatever we didn't get in snow, we got in cold. It was 8 degrees when I was out this morning with a wind chill of -11.

It was too cold to enjoy and there was so much drama that it was even less enjoyable. Aliza decided that the tracks in the snow were fox tracks. Then she was certain she saw the fox. So she was far too scared to go outside--until I had gone out and searched the yard and deemed it fox free and safe. Josiah was mad because I could not produce the exact pair of gloves he wanted. Said gloves are probably buried under snow where he left them outside. He was so upset. And Anna. She just wanted me to carry her. She didn't want to walk in the snow. As you can see, it wasn't fun to be outside.

Nor was it fun to be inside. I try to make snow days fun with special food or extra time reading or something. I grew up with snow making for school closing. We still have school on snow days. Snow makes for great school days. Apparently snow days are also great for bickering and boredom. Oh well. I have an idea for tomorrow. We'll see if any child here thinks it's a good idea.

One day when I've retired from teaching and my nest is empty I'm going to hibernate with a good book on a snow day.

(Schools are already cancelled for tomorrow too. Weird. Poor kids are going to have to go to school in June when the weather is most lovely.)

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