Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tub of Snow

After yesterday I knew I needed some kind of new activity for today. I searched "snow day activities" on Pinterest and after digging through the obvious...bake cookies, read a book under blankets, play board games...I found pictures of snow in bath tubs. What a novel I idea! When it is too cold to be outside, bring the snow inside. I was afraid it would melt as fast as we carried it in, but it didn't. It lasted quite a while.

So I bundled everyone up, gave them buckets, told them to find shovels and off they went. Aliza was into the idea from the outset and she filled buckets.
Josiah thought it was a dumb idea. He dumped the buckets in the tub.
The play started out like this.
Then everyone put on boots so they could be IN the tub.
Anna kept getting pushed around and squished out of the tub so I filled up one more bucket and dumped it in the sink.
Your tub will be dirty, but it's worth the happy bit of play.

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