Thursday, May 22, 2014

Closing Our School Year

So much for the "coming soon" promise of the previous post. I got a stomach virus on Monday and I'm still not running at 100%. It is a strange experience for me to be pregnant and have no appetite or desire to eat anything.

The last day of school actually started at 2am last Thursday morning with Aliza waking me up crying because her ear hurt. She only dozed the rest of the night, as did I, so I was on the phone minutes after the dr office opened making an appointment. We had just enough time to get Josiah finished with kindergarten and out to the car to be on time...only to find out the car battery had died. I've learned to use the car charger and after 10 minutes or so the car started. Aliza had a major ear infection. We got her antibiotics and some ear drops for pain that worked very well. She was able to finish the very little bit of schoolwork she had left.
Aliza still wanted Grandma and Grandad to come for supper to help us celebrate and since ear infections aren't contagious we went for it. Aliza chose potato soup and Josiah chose chocolate covered strawberries. It turned out to be a good evening together.
Friday morning it was pouring rain as in pouring an inch of rain per hour. I had my review with the Board of Education that morning so I drug all of our work and myself out in that rain! It was an easy review. One of the reviewers was the same person I had in January and she remembered me.
Friday evening we drove to Jeremy's parents for the weekend. When we got there the children were busy while Jeremy and I unloaded the car. They brought me to the living room and gave me flowers and a card and gift for finishing school and being there teacher. It was completely unexpected and very sweet of my mother-in-law to remember me.
My 3rd year of "teaching" is complete. We had a really fun weekend that you'll hear about some time!

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