Sunday, May 25, 2014

Garden Tour Weekend

This was the year that Aliza asked if she could come along on the Garden Tour. At first I said no, but then I thought about it and talked to Brandi and Karen and we decided it would be fun to have Aliza join us. And, in fact, it was fun to have her with us. She did great on the tour.

She had a slight obsession with water. At every opportunity she was touching the water. She also very much enjoyed lush, green grass. I believe it was more than once that she was making "grass angels". Of course I was quite tempted to join her, but being in my mid thirties, that probably wouldn't have been appropriate. There's not a lot better than laying in soft grass with the sun in your face.
I decided that I want to grow pineapples. Jeremy wasn't so sure about that.
The life size doll house was open. (Christie, do you remember that little house? You would have LOVED the inside of it.) This was the first time that I had been in it and it was just adorable. Aliza really enjoyed checking out all the rooms.
The day took all of Aliza's physical and mental energy. She was so tired by evening. Joel had just gotten a new camera and he was trying it out on any willing subject. He got some cute pictures of Josiah and Anna and we were encouraging Aliza to join in. She laid on the ground and suggested a family picture. We ended up like this...
...and this picture ended up on Facebook. We all look happy right? When Aliza saw it on facebook she was a bit mortified. I explained to her that this picture had a secret in it. Everyone thought she was laughing...but Aliza is really crying mad because Jeremy and I are laying on her and she is pinned to the ground. OH.My.Word. She was SO mad. But it's still a cute picture, right?!

So this day was a bit of a life stage change for me. The Garden Tour had been adult alone time for me and now it includes my growing up daughter. And this is how Mommys and Daughters become friends. I'm happy about that. (I still need alone time though.)

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Christie said...

I know being jealous is a sin...but I can't help it!!! You got to go into the little house???Oh, that is so fantastic! Someday, I wanna come back and do that ;)