Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kindergarten Graduate

*I decided kindergarten gets a post by itself. Another post on the last day of school coming soon!*

The last day of kindergarten! It's a bittersweet day for Mama! Mostly very sweet though. The whole family gathered together with Josiah to watch the last K5 Beginnings lesson with him. His teachers have a little graduation ceremony complete with memories of lessons from the year. At the end I gave Josiah his diploma. He wasn't sure how to react at the moment (told me I could put it on his desk), but later in the day he became quite proud of that diploma. 

As soon as school was over Josiah took a new interest in his reading books. He chose two to read when I laid out all of his work from the year. He also read one last night. This is definitely new growth in reading. Somehow I have to keep him interested in reading this summer.
Jeremy and I are proud of how much Josiah has progressed in reading and writing this year.
Grandad and Grandma came over for supper and chocolate covered strawberries and Josiah was happy to show them his work.
A graduation isn't complete with out a family picture, right?!

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