Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recital and Mother's Day

For the next who-knows-how-many-years I will attend a dance recital on Mother's Day. That's the day for recitals at this studio. I have no idea why. I'd like to ask and I'd like to suggest other options, but they've been doing it for 31 years so I'm pretty sure I should just keep my mouth shut!

The doors opened at 1:30 and there was this HUGE line of families at 1:25. The entrance is at the back of this picture where the buildings look like they intersect. There were plenty of seats, even extra, but I guess some wanted to be make sure they were up front. I didn't care where we sat. I had a great seat for the rehearsal and Aliza and I stayed all 3 hours of rehearsal so that she could watch the other classes. I had my videos and pictures so I was happy just to sit and watch the recital. I took my Kindle for good measure, but didn't use it! Two and a half hours--no intermission. After sitting that long I was feeling sortof pregnant!
Chrissy took pictures for me. It would be silly for me to post pictures after posting the videos, but they were just what I wanted for Aliza's scrapbook. Aliza LOVED the stage. She grinned the whole time. She told me her Mother's Day gift to me was her dance. I told her the best Mother's Day gift would be no drama about performing. And there was no drama whatsoever. I dropped her off where she needed to be and there was no looking back. Phew! She's growing up!
Back to the Mother's Day part of the day. Jeremy made breakfast and I made the mistake of going downstairs before it was served. Josiah saw me and looked at me with big puppy dog eyes and said, "I guess we were too late." You better believe I went back to bed so they could serve me breakfast in bed!

Jeremy played in a golf tournament the Friday before and he put a few dollars in the raffle for a Mother's Day gift basket. He happened to win and it really made my day. Before I even really saw it I asked if there was a getaway in it and Jeremy said yes (with a silly grin on his face). Bracelet/earrings, restaurant gift cards, Shore birds tickets, a beach umbrella...it was an unexpected and very special surprise. (We'll be able to use the getaway nights next winter during Ocean City's off season.)
After the recital we went to my parent's house to pick up Josiah and Anna (weren't we nice to allow them to skip the recital??!), have supper with my grandparents and visit with my aunt and uncle visiting from New Mexico. When my Mom came home from work Aliza got to show her the dance videos and we continued to visit until way too late. We were all utterly exhausted when we got home.

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