Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Joy Dare::September

1708. Caught a ball at the Shorebirds game
1709. A sweet staff lady at the game kept bringing me cups of ice water
1710. Nice evening at Mom and Dad's with family
1711. Pizza and coloring with Phil and Linda
1712. Stayed home and it was probably a good idea
1713. Started a scrapbook page
1714. Clean bathrooms and new shower curtain
1715. School finished early
1716. Surfing in the sandbox?!
1717. Pizza on the deck
1718. Doing less, sitting more. This also means there is usually a child or two beside me
1719. Very spontaneous trip for ice cream
1720. Doughnut date with Meghan and Ezra
1721. Grass cut and yard trimmed. Thankful for Dad's mower this weekend
1722. Children sleeping through the thunderstorm
1723. Clean deck area
1724. Jeremy doing so much to help me
1725. The family sitting around the table talking
1726. After party floor cleanup help
1727. The girls played in the rain and Josiah sat by me on the couch and talked and talked
1728. Scrapbooking evening
1729. First day of Bible study and dance
1730. Planning
1731. Our schedule at this point in life
1732. Bedtime tickles
1733. Successful Trades of Hope parties
1734. A very rare spaghetti dinner
1735. A day with Aliza
1736. Gramma's feeling so much better
1737. Finally talking to a dear friend by phone
1738. A nurse who worked with my Mother-in-Law and who firmly believes that I have THE best mother-in-law in the world
1739. Really long Sunday afternoon nap
1740. Talk from Mom: It's time to ask for help.
1741. The Sheats boys' birthday party
1742. Made my husband a successful low carb supper--and then gave him apple pie for dessert.
1743. Balancing tough, consistent and relationship in lots of areas of life
1744. A goal achieved
1745. Perfect day for playing outside
1746. Aliza was a cheerful helper all day
1747. Not so sore today
1748. Having to finish school at night because it was so nice outside
1749. Reading at bedtime even though it was way too late
1750. Homeschooling Moms at dance class
1751. Sitting outside--watching the children play--just being together
1752. Walmart Savings Catcher app
1753. Coupon code for shopping spree
1754. Crying with Josiah over school
1755. Sitting on the couch all evening
1756. Lovely baby lunch with some of my favorite ladies
1757. Aliza fully embracing her role as Maria's helper
1758. Nothing better than watching my children sleep
1759. In utero hiccups
1760. New friends
1761. With proper entertainment, Jeremy doesn't mind doing dishes
1762. The right dance leotard for the right price
1763. Old mattresses make the best indoor trampolines and tumbling mats
1764. Supper at Mom's
1765. Lowest gas price I've seen in years
1766. Had a smooth 2 days, but it's good to have Jeremy home
1767. Another beautiful evening to play outside until dark
1768. Anna overusing the word "famished"
1769. Making a conscious decision to think about other women in the world--not just myself
1770. A box in the mail
1771. Aliza excited about a science project
1772. Thanks for a patient Grandma, we are now waiting for birds
1773. School completed in the exceptionally efficient and smooth fashion
1774. Josiah comforting Aliza when she got hurt. "Aliza, I prayed for you."
1775. Sometimes being a good Mom means getting no housework done and just sitting on the couch and being present
1776. Family grocery shopping trip
1777. Going to church so ingrained in me--otherwise I would have just stayed home
1778. Ant traps
1779. The last beach day of summer
1780. Energizing conversation
1781. Able to do some cleaning without getting too sore
1782. Making friends and playing at the park
1783. A quick visit over frozen yogurt
1784. Jeremy could get Josiah's ear infection treated in the ER fast track. (Read: we will get sleep tonight.)
1785. Drawing lessons with Daddy
1786. Josiah sleeping all night and feeling good today
1787. Rummikub with Grandad

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