Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sibling Bonds

These first days and weeks of a new baby's life go by in a blur, so I'm going to sacrifice some sleep to write the stories that are so dear to my heart.

God did something altogether amazing when he created the institution of family. What a gift it has been to watch Aliza, Josiah and Anna accept, love and bond with Isaiah. Our children were the first to visit Isaiah at the hospital. They weren't sure about the hospital setting or seeing me in the bed, but they were excited to meet their new brother.
Aliza held him right away and did not want to give him up or leave him! She started singing to Isaiah right away--an old lullaby with her own words. Rock a bye Isaiah on the tree tops. When the wind blows the angels are here. Rock a bye Isaiah on the tree tops. Don't be scared, because Jesus is here.
Tonight Isaiah was wide awake and it was the first time Aliza held him when his eyes were open. She was completely enthralled. "Oh, Mommy, I don't want to put him down. I feel like crying. He's only going to be this little for a few days."
Aliza's definitely my oldest. She has lots of questions to ask and a great big Mommy heart that she doesn't always now what to do with.
Josiah just looked at Isaiah in the hospital. Josiah was more excited to hold the fishing pole that my Dad gave Isaiah. The morning after we come home from the hospital, Josiah presented Isaiah with a gift. His initial in Lego. Isaiah's first Legos from this big brother. This gift moves from bassinet to bed with Isaiah.
Josiah also has a lot of questions. How do you pick him up? You put one hand under his head? And Josiah watches and watches. And then a day or so later when Jeremy and I were both around but not looking at him, he picked Isaiah up out of the bassinet. I'm certain that was Josiah's plan the whole time.
Now he's happy to sit and hold Isaiah. Josiah gives Isaiah kisses and head rubs and plenty of attention. One afternoon we were all together on the couch and Josiah said, "You know, Isaiah doesn't get ALL the attention." (We had talked about babies needing lots of care.) And I knew that we were going to be ok. Everyone was feeling loved, cared for and accepted.
And Anna. She likes to hold Isaiah. She talks to Baby Isaiah and gets excited when his eyes are open. Anna likes to hold the bottle for him. Her attention span is short and, thankfully, she still finds her way to my lap. She's been scoring extra Grandma attention.
So, here they are, four little people who have only known each other a few days and are already bonded for life.

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