Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Birth Story

I know. I think of such creative blog titles. Nothing gross, I promise.

I'll back track to Thursday, October 2. That's when the birth story started rolling. Jeremy and I made an early morning trip to Annapolis to the baby specialists there for a fetal lung maturity test (read: amnio). This was the plan 4 years ago when we talked to my Dr about the possibility of another pregnancy. And it was written in my records from the very beginning of this pregnancy. Throughout this pregnancy it was interesting how each Dr I saw had their own take and opinion on my history. One was pretty laid back and a couple were pretty hyper about it. Bottom line was that I was not to have any contractions.

Friday, October 3. I was 37 weeks 5 days. Jeremy took this picture of me that morning and I posted it on facebook with the request for prayer for wisdom for Doctors and safety for me and the baby. At this point, I was anticipating an appointment that afternoon where the date of delivery would be decided. There had been lots of drama over the date. I had originally been told I would deliver at 37 and a half weeks. Now I was almost 38 weeks--it was Friday and I had already been told that Monday was already booked full for surgery. I had to sign a consent for a 39 week csection because of legality and I was just growing increasingly concerned that I would start labor.

I went to my appointment and it was the Dr that I perceived as the most laid back that was in the office that day. The fetal lung maturity test was positive. Baby could be delivered safely. The question then was how cautious to be with me. The Dr. would have been fine scheduling me for Tuesday, October 7. But I told him that I was growing increasingly concerned for myself and what other Doctors had said and what scheduling had told me. He told me to wait while he called scheduling. After a minute he came back in and asked, "Do you happen to be free tomorrow?" Another phone call and I was being scheduled for a c-section delivery the next day Saturday, October 4.

Jeremy and I were in Labor and Delivery at 6am. I was awake most of night. There is little worse for me than anticipating surgery--even when I know exactly what will happen. I found myself praying that the staff would be kind and not too tired and grumpy. I had very kind staff. I was certainly nervous and the room started out so hot I thought I would suffocate when it took 3 tries to start my IV. Otherwise, I thought I handled my nerves very well. I don't think the Dr who scheduled me for Saturday expected to do my c-section at the very end of his overnight shift, but that's what happened. And with that I headed off for c-section number 4.
Let's just say it's a little odd to walk in to an operating room. This time I actually looked around. It's an interesting place. Sterile. Almost industrial feeling. Everything moves with efficiency. Except my spinal. That took 3 tries and was stressful for me. Just when I thought I survived the worst my blood pressure dropped (that's what they told me) and I felt BAD. I was pretty sure I was going to pass out, but anesthesia didn't want me to pass out and they won. I didn't pass out. I have no clue what all they had to pump into me to get me feeling like I could breathe again. That was the worst. Maybe 15 or so minutes later our baby boy was born! He cried right away. I listened to him cry. Jeremy went over to see him and came back to me. I asked Jeremy, "He is a boy?" Jeremy showed me a picture of him...Isaiah.

Isaiah's breathing was really loud. It almost sounded like "happy baby noises", but I knew it wasn't right. The nurse brought him over to me for a minute and then she took Jeremy and Isaiah to the recovery room so that Jeremy could do skin to skin with Isaiah to hopefully help him transition to normal breathing. Recovery time is 2 hours nowadays and Isaiah was skin to skin with me for a lot of that time. It took just about the whole 2 hours for his breathing to settle in to place. His oxygen level was always good so there was no real concern that he would need more than just time.

So in 8 years I've had 4 c-sections and the spinal needles have changed causing fewer spinal headaches which has been the case for me. They also use different meds in the spinal--ones that last for 24 hours so that there is not need to other heavy pain meds in the first 24 hours. The trade off is that the spinal meds made me sweat and itch and I couldn't sleep. It's interesting how things change.

I somewhat jokingly say it was because I had a male surgeon so he was just that much stronger, but it was a rough surgery and I was (still am a bit) SORE!

Somewhere in that first day or two I realized I had this sweet baby to snuggle with and it's all worth it.
I missed being in the new Mother/Baby Unit by only a couple weeks. So if anyone delivers at PRMC enjoy it for me. It's supposed to be very nicely decorated with state of the art technology and equipment. There is a pull out couch for the support person to sleep on and baby stays in the room the WHOLE time.

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VDOprincess said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm so happy for you guys, and can't wait to meet Baby True.
I'll be delivering at PRMC this time. Didn't know they were upgrading their delivery rooms, so I'll be sure to give a report!