Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On My Own

When my Mom left yesterday, I cried. They were mostly tears of gratitude because she has been such a huge help, has sacrificed of her time at home and has given me a great start. But there was also that part of me that knew I am essentially on my own from here on out. I wasn't nervous or scared, it's just a milestone--being a Mom of 4!

I kinda felt like Super Woman by the end of the day. Aliza noted that "Mom didn't even get frustrated when Anna emptied the toy box." This was monumental because I had picked up all the toys in the toy room earlier in the morning. It felt good to tidy up my own house!

The day was just gorgeous so there was plenty of outside play. We even took a walk this afternoon. It was warm and the leaves are so colorful right now. Aliza's bike is broken so she was my walking partner today.
It was a content day for Isaiah which, obviously, made for a good transition day for me. He slept this afternoon and I got a nap. Hooray! Then a caffeinated beverage and I was ready for the evening. haha. Of course baby needed to eat when supper needed to be prepared and Daddy had Bible Study after his work day so he got home late. No one starved!

School was successfully completed with good attitudes and no complaining!

Whew! That's all the words I have for tonight. I've been spending an hour and a half between 4 and 7am with my baby. Not my idea of a good time--but it's only for a short season.

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