Saturday, November 1, 2014

Joy Dare::October

Quick baby update:: Isaiah is 4 weeks old today!! He is in his own crib tonight. I believe he lasted twice as long in our room as any of the other children. I may have done a little happy dance when Jeremy agreed it was the night to put him in his own bed. Jeremy looked at me quizzically and said, "wasn't it you that was taking video of him sleeping the other night?" Yup, that was me. I'll hear every one his little baby noises in the monitor right beside my bed and I'll be perfectly happy to sleep through every feeding that is Jeremy's turn--after I wake Jeremy up!

1788. Josiah and Anna were happy about going to Bible study and went in to their class without fussing
1789. Aliza and her incessant chatter and questions in the car
1790. A quiet evening with Jeremy
1791. Isaiah 26:3 You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.
1792. Safe travel, smooth procedure, fancy breakfast banana split
1793. Super supportive husband
1794. Just being with my children this morning
1795. A doctor willing to get on the phone and make my delivery happen
1796. Neighbors visiting, friends caring, family here
1797. Hospital wifi password for the day (of Isaiah's birth): grateful
1798. Friendly and supportive operating room staff
1799. Telling my Dad we gave our son his middle name
1800. The children immediately incorporating Isaiah into their family
1801. First shower after surgery
1802. Joel and Brandi being available, Karen spending the night with me, Jeremy walking beside me, Mom and Dad taking care of our children, my siblings being excited for us
1803. The hospital as a means for practicing patience
1804. Bringing Isaiah home and watching his siblings love him
1805. Home and in my own bed
1806. Just looking at my baby
1807. Seeing how our marriage has matured since having our first child
1808. Josiah noticing and commenting that Isaiah doesn't get all the attention
1809. Just enough stamina
1810. Josiah, Anna, and Aliza coming home super excited about Bible Study
1811. Leaves starting to change color
1812. Kissing squishy baby cheeks
1813. Baby gaining weight, Mama losing weight
1814. Parenting from the couch
1815. Anna finding me and needing to be close
1816. That moment when the child realizes they actually like what is served for supper and they don't need to complain anymore
1817. Brothers
1818. A few hours alone with baby in a quiet house
1819. Mom
1820. Less soreness
1821. Fall wind and falling leaves
1822. Forgiving and being forgiven
1823. An empty house and a most glorious nap with Isaiah this morning
1824. Having a chance to chat with Mom this afternoon
1825. Josiah's get-it-done attitude
1826. Jeremy walked in the door at 5:00 (that's early for him)
1827. No wait time at the Dr. or the Lab
1828. My Grandparents so thrilled to hold another great grandchild
1829. The children played and played together this afternoon
1830. Jeremy's Mom--chef, shopper, house cleaner--invaluable help
1831. Kids taking a walk, baby in my arms, chocolate in my mouth
1832. My Gramma calling me and telling the thousand things she did today
1833. Loved watching the children have so much fun playing with cousins
1834. Another quiet evening on the couch with Isaiah
1835. Healing tears--hopefully
1836. Grandma's notes from ninga school with Aliza and Josiah
1837. Grass cut and fence fixed
1838. The children and their ideas give me things to laugh about--Anna was determined that sunscreen would keep her arms warm today, Ninja School and all that involved
1839. Most relaxed baby sleeping position
1840. Gorgeous weather for lots of outside playtime
1841. The children transitioned easily after Grandma Karen left for home
1842. Continuing to accept help
1843. Jeremy covered my nighttime feeding responsibililty
1844. Fresh flowers
1845. First walk
1846. My cleaning fairy--my Mom
1847. Friends visit and bringing supper for us
1848. Managed the morning routine on my own this morning
1849. Long overdue long phone chat with Meghan
1850. Little girl snuggled up with me on the couch and fell asleep
1851. Feeling so much better
1852. Mommy/Daddy teamwork
1853. Visiting Great Gramma and Great Grandad
1854. Telling my children that I'm the luckiest Mom in the world just because I have each of them
1855. Got the picture I wanted
1856. Held Isaiah as much as possible
1857. It is Sunday--definitely made it the Sabbath day of rest
1858. Thankful tears
1859. Seeing a couple of my sisters
1860. Laying down again after a nighttime feeding
1861. K-LOVE app
1862. Walking and enjoying the fall colors
1863. Successful first day alone with 4 kiddos
1864. Out and about for a little while and it felt good
1865. Late night wide awake time with Isaiah
1866. Sleeping baby
1867. Reading to dolls
1868. First outing on my own--Grandma's house
1869. Flurries of leaves
1870. Candy and a movie
1871. Doing normal errands--but it didn't feel quite normal yet

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