Friday, November 7, 2014

Around Here

--Anna is my Little Mommy. She LOVES holding Isaiah. Anna has no shortage of confidence or independence. She picks Isaiah up and moves him all around--on her shoulder, in her arms, beside her on the couch or bed.
Today Isaiah was sleeping on her and she was so proud. I heard, "Mommy, he's giving me a hug."
--Aliza is my car helper. She sits beside Isaiah and lets him hold her finger. She gives him a pacifier and if he fusses the least bit Aliza assures him that we are "almost there."

--Today Aliza made a Conestoga Wagon for a history project. It was one of those days that the thought of a project made me twitch. So Aliza pretty much did it by herself and when she realized the wheels actually turned she couldn't wait to take her Lalaloopsy dolls West. She played outside for quite a while.
--Josiah has been loving having his Gator working again. Jeremy ordered all new wires so it should be as good as new. And when you don't have a garage the kitchen becomes the work area when it gets dark so early.
--Isaiah weighed in at 9lbs 13oz yesterday. I had a Mommy Fail moment when I reached in the diaper bag for a bottle only to realize I had left it on the counter at home. With the first child that would have been cause for panic. With the fourth child it made me feel bad and sortof laugh at myself.

--I'm don't feel that great. Could be baby blues or thyroid levels or just the end of my first full week as Mommy of 4?

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