Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weekend Memories

Uncle Josh got to meet Isaiah! Isaiah even had a sleepy smile for Josh. Josh is going to have his first child soon and he is definitely ready to meet his little one! He'll be a great Dad.

It had been 2 years since the children saw Josh, but it didn't take long for them to warm up to him.
Saturday was Anna's "real" birthday so she got another party! We had our Thanksgiving meal complete with pumpkin pie, but Grandma still made a cake.
Anna received an Elsa dress up dress and plenty of bling to go with it. Anna is Aunt Brandi's girl in WV, but after Brandi helped her get dressed Anna came straight to me to show me her dress. That made me feel good!
Family picture after church. On Saturday we tried to get some nice family pictures. My girls did not cooperate well at all, but after church the next day they did great. Go figure!
Me and my boys!! I'm such a lucky Mama!
Isaiah was a great traveler. He ate when we stopped for our meal and cried very little in the car. We stopped at Panera in Easton both ways. This was our first time just as our family of 6 in a restaurant. The first realization was that we have to choose the big tables now. Second realization was that the big tables are placed in conspicuous locations in the restaurant. On the way home we had to sit literally in the middle of the dining area--so that every one eating could see us. Thankfully I was not embarrassed by anyone's behavior.

We arrived home to a 50 degree house.Brrr. We used our alternate heat source and thankfully it was a warm night so 24 hours without heat or hot water was not too bad.

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