Monday, November 3, 2014


We are back tracking here to week 1 of Isaiah's life. I decided that I wanted to try a newborn picture on the back of a Tonka truck. Yes, I sent Jeremy to the store for Tonka truck. 

You have approximately .5 seconds to take as many shots as possible before a reasonably content face...
...turns in to a crying face. You have to catch the baby is a really sleepy state so that you can prop him on a metal Tonka truck and the light has to be reasonable. In our case, baby wasn't quite sleepy enough and the light was quickly fading to dusk.
Poor Isaiah was done with the Tonka truck idea when Josiah had the idea to put bring his Tonka truck into the picture. And it melted my heart. All Josiah's idea. Brothers and their trucks.
Josiah really wanted a picture of him holding Isaiah with their trucks. And my heart melted again.

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