Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Name

Jeremy and I didn't break from tradition this time around. We waited until late in the pregnancy to choose a name and we didn't tell anyone the name we chose prior to his birth. This time, however, we had a daughter who gave us her opinions and pestered us to tell her the name. We kept our word and told our children first--the night before the baby was born.

As we've done every other time, Jeremy and I went on a date and decided on a name over dinner. This time it was a crab house in Ocean City, thanks to a golf tournament gift certificate. We really went in with no ideas. I had told Jeremy after we found out that we were expecting a boy that I really wanted to use my Dad's middle name, True. So we were looking for a name that would work with True.

We always look at name meanings and of course we kicked around the obvious J names. I threw out Isaiah (after we discussed whether we could use the name since I have a first cousin named Isaiah) we looked up the meaning in whatever website we were using via the Ipad. Isaiah means "God is generous." I got goosebumps and I couldn't help smiling. It was a done deal in my mind. Jeremy had to get used to it for a while, but we never discussed it further. Isaiah True. It was decided.
God is generous. Yes, we truly feel that Isaiah is a generous gift from God. With this pregnancy I've become keenly aware that children are not an entitlement. Isaiah's conception, his birth, his health, my health in carrying him are simply generous acts of God. Generosity is also a character trait that we value and want to instill in our children. Life isn't just about them. There are lots of other people and causes in the world that need our attention, time, money and talents. Jeremy is naturally generous and I hope that we've passed on that character trait to Isaiah with his name.

Jeremy brought my parents into the recovery room and had yet to tell them the baby's name. He wanted to let me tell my Dad that we named our baby after him. So I was pretty well drugged but I got his name out. I think my Dad was surprised and happy. True. It's a family name--my Dad's middle name, my Great Grandfather's first name. If there's one thing my Dad is, he is True. He speaks truth. He stands by and defends the Truth of Scripture. True speaks of integrity, of being strong. Speaking truth, defending the Truth, living with integrity those are things I pray are trademarks of Isaiah's life.

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