Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas at Home--Round 2

Jeremy and I had the privilege of being able to give,--especially Aliza and Josiah--something that they both really wanted. It was really fun to keep secrets and watch them be really excited.

Aliza and Josiah both bought gifts to give. They gave their gifts first. It was special to watch them be so excited about giving the gifts they picked out for each other. Then it was Daddy and Mommy's turn to give--we were quite excited to give too!

Aliza was pretty excited about what Anna received. But Anna still had the, now expected, open mouth excited look.
Josiah is saying, "IT'S THE LEGO POLICE STATION!!!!"
"THIS IS SOOOO AWESOME!" He built it all by himself and had it finished by late afternoon. It is pretty awesome.
Aliza really really really wanted a My American Girl doll. She picked out the one that looked most like her. For weeks she was saying how badly she wanted it, but knew she wasn't going to get it because it cost a bit more than we said we were going to spend--and I had never paid full price for an American Girl doll. Aliza said if she got that doll for Christmas she would cry. She didn't cry, but she was a happy little girl!

Of course, Isaiah didn't have a clue what was going on and I really had free pass this Christmas, but I remembered that Sole Hope sold children's shoes. With the purchase of a shoe, you are also donating the cost of a shoe for a child in Uganda.
The sole is definitely made out of bicycle inner tube. The rubber is soft and flexible. They are also super easy to put on. The shoes are too big for Isaiah right now, but I think we will get some good use out of them.
It was a memorable, joy filled Christmas morning at our house! The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. Aliza wanted to scrapbook with me. I was happy to oblige! There was lots of happy playing and just enjoying being family. It's possible that I practically begged my Mom to cook Christmas dinner for us (and as it turned out my other siblings who were in town), but Merry Christmas to me--I didn't have to cook!

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