Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas--Round 3

I LOVED Christmas Day with my husband and children, but there is just something about getting to be the kid and going home for Christmas.

The grandchildren were so excited for Christmas--again. I jokingly said that what the children are going to remember about Sheats Christmas is waiting. I don't know how many times I said--"wait."

First of all, Grandad read the Christmas Story and we sang Joy to the World.
Then the children received gifts from the Aunts and Uncles. My Mom set it up so that children would open in groups in only one child per family would open at a time. This worked well for me because 1) I could see what each child was opening and 2) my goal for the day was that my children would thank each person after they opened a gift. I needed to help those children who don't read know who to thank.
Later, Josiah opened a bow and arrow from Grandma and Grandad. He was one excited and totally surprised little boy.
Isaiah fell sound asleep in my arms--and I held him--for as long as I could.
Bless Lydia's heart. Every time a present was put in front of her she started opening it and was told to WAIT! I guess she thought sitting on top of the box was her best option.
4 generations. In a great big circle.
Ezra helped himself to plenty of M&Ms!
My Mom surprised me with some scrapbooking things that I've wanted. I really thought that since she had been in my house so much this fall that she would have seen something that I needed or needed to be replaced of updated. I was pretty tickled to get some new pens--my girls have been pretty hard on the ones I have. And they will not even know that I got new ones. I'm hiding my new pens!! =) 

It was a perfect end to our Christmas week.

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