Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Joy Dare::December

1955: Warm enough for this:
1956: Eat/wake/sleep--happy Mama, happy baby
1957: Technology that allows me to stay connected to a friend in another country
1958. Happy mail
1959. Enough sandbox time that I got the house straightened up
1960. Feeling ok about some busy days
1961. Celebrating my Gramma's birthday
1962. Clean bathrooms
1963. Aliza helping Josiah through a tough spot in school
1964. Trying to capture the smiles
1965. A busy day of a different sort
1966. Well behaved children in multiple public places
1967. Aliza asking intelligent questions out of curiosity at the doctor's office
1968. Watching the Nutcracker Ballet with my girls (and Isaiah)
1969. 3 children SO excited to show Grandpa every treasure they own
1970. Anna asleep beside Grandma and Grandpa's bed
1971. Baby dedication and fellowship afterwards
1972. A very mature conversation with Aliza
1973. Not-even-remotely-good-for-you apple pie
1974. Napping with Uncle Jeff
1975. Children all asleep before 9:00!!
1976. Learning to play chess
1977. Made it to the end of the day
1978. A very rare lunch in the living room to watch a TV show
1979. Earlier mornings
1980. Isaiah slept through our night
1981. Baby smiles that make his eyes squint
1982. Aliza busily reading new library books
1983. Josiah completing schoolwork without a meltdown
1984. Having insecure thoughts and seeing that they were unfounded
1985. Venting made me feel better
1986. Isaiah slept through our night two nights in a row #itsatrendnow
1987. Josiah's office--like Grandad's
1988. Working hard on school with great attitudes and getting it done by lunch
1989. Surprise mail and feeling SO special
1990. Losing track of time while walking around stores this evening
1991. Looking right at me and smiling
1992. Tillamook cheese!!
1993. Enjoying moments of holding Isaiah, Anna snuggling up with me during rest time, Josiah wanting to be close and reading out loud to Aliza with her snuggled up against me
1994. Blowing bubbles
1995. Reflecting on this year with Jeremy
1996. Today's cupcake--Butterscotch cheesecake
1997. Keeping school as simple as possible this week
1998. A patient hygienst
1999. Josiah raking pine needles with Great Grandad
2000. Nestled in with Great Gramma
2001. Won an important battle
2002. Making a conscious effort to take a more gentle approach to correction
2003. Our neighbors that just welcome us in like family
2004. My Dad stopping in for a minute and the children running to give him huge hugs
2005. Challenged and being stretched
2006. Listened to radio broadcast with Katie Davis from Uganda while I wrapped presents
2007. Going to bed and realizing I am happy
2008. Decorated gingerbread men
2009. Baby coos
2010. Community Christmas dinner with friends
2011. Christmas break from school!!
2012. Another smooth road trip
2013. Baking cookies at 9pm as soon as we get to Grandma Karen's house
2014. Everybody wants to be close to Grandma
2015. Hearing a testimony of hope in spite of difficult circumstances
2016. Relaxed Christmas celebration filled with excitement and joy
2017. Seeing Aliza's love tank filled after getting one on one time
2018. A grinning Anna tucked in with shimmery sparkles around her eye, her doll on one side and a duck named Quack on the other side
2019. Josiah built his Legos all by himself. Makes me feel happy and a little bit sad that he didn't need help.
2020. Lots and lots of happy playing
2021. Watching Jeremy enjoy brother time with Joel
2022. Despite the late brother nights, Jeremy still did the early morning feedings for me
2023. An evening walking around Target with Brandi and Karen
2024. Everyone had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa and everyone is happy to be home
2025. 4 kids in their own beds and a silent house
2026. Thankful that I can drive so Jeremy can get some work done while we are on the road
2027. Stamp party
2028. Pizza and shrimp
2029. Going-to-bed-on-Christmas-Eve excitement
2030. Christmas morning--all the joy and excitement
2031. Just being in the moment whether that was watching Josiah build Legos , holding Isaiah, scrapbooking with Aliza or giving Anna attention
2032. Mom and Dad's house for Christmas dinner and visiting
2033. A reasonable doctor
2034. Recycling--it makes me feel like I'm doing something good (I had a ton today since I hadn't gone in almost 3 months)
2035. Succeeded in getting Isaiah down for 3 naps--a semblance of a routine
2036. Christmas mess strewn all over the house
2037. 2nd annual Christmas tea with Maria
2038. I could make it work for Jeremy to go golfing
2039. Jeremy helped me get food ready to take for Sheats Christmas tomorrow
2040. These smiles
2041. This mess
2042. The nighttime quiet that makes me want to stay up way too late
2043. The house was calling to be cleaned but it was more important to play Monopoly Jr.
2044. Out of town friends stopping by to visit
2045. Phone conversations
2046. Streaming sun on my afternoon couch spot
2047. Level 1 post Christmas cleaning almost done
2048. Definitely feeling like I'm in vacation mode this week
2049. 6 cousins on a trampoline--apparently they didn't notice how cold it was
2050.  A steak dinner that Jeremy really enjoyed
2051. A wonderfully full year 2014

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