Sunday, December 7, 2014


I look at this arrangement of pictures every day and realize that I have given birth to one shy of a basketball team, but on a moment by moment basis I don't feel like I have that many children. Well, Friday was my initiation into the public world with 4 children in tow.
Originally, my plan was to line up babysitters for these various activities, but complications arose and the easiest solution was to take my children with me. That's what I'm home for anyway, right?! The morning started with Isaiah's 2 month well check. Now, understand, that with my first child even well visits caused me to panic. The office visit couldn't have gone more smoothly except for the fact that my children were scared of the movie that was playing in the waiting room. That aside, we did not even sit down in the waiting room and the doctor came in within 3 minutes of us sitting down in the exam room. Anna decided she needed to use the bathroom so after the Dr left, we went to the bathroom and when we returned the nurse was waiting in the exam room with the vaccinations. (Isaiah weighed 11lbs 11oz, putting him at the 50th percentile.) Aliza asked intelligent questions and was even quiet when she needed to be. ;)

After leaving the Dr. office we took the long route to Hot Desks (because we were early) and waited a few minutes in the car for Jeremy arrive. We ate our packed lunches at Hot Desks (a cooperative working space where Jeremy works). There were a few people there working. The children sat quietly at a table and ate their lunches. Isaiah slept. There was no running around craziness.

After lunch Josiah stayed with Jeremy while Aliza, Anna, Isaiah and I went to see the Nutcracker Ballet. We sat in a section with other homeschooling families. This provided a measure of comfort because most homeschooling families have at least a couple kids and generally don't mind a baby and a preschooler beside them. Thankfully, this was true on Friday. Isaiah slept and only fussed for a couple minutes after intermission. Anna got up and down out of her *squeaky* seat a lot. For a decent amount of time I had Isaiah in one arm and Anna on the other leg. Aliza loved the ballet. It was great. I'd do it again.
After the ballet, we went back to Hot Desks and picked up Josiah. He was totally stoked to play on the Ipad for a couple hours with Daddy instead of going to the ballet. And then I took all 4 into Tutti Frutti for a snack. The parking lot was pretty full so we had to park, walk across the parking lot and down the sidewalk. I felt a little like I was herding cattle. By this time Isaiah was waking up and getting fussy. I took the car seat carrier in and set the crying Isaiah on a table so that I could oversee the amount of frozen yogurt going into the cups. (It would be nice if Tutti Frutti had reasonable size cups so that children could more easily take reasonable portions!!) Anyway, I survived and I'm pretty sure the college student cashier thought I was nuts...and the obviously *in love* college couple thought the baby was cute. I couldn't help but think back to those *in love* college days when a date for frozen yogurt did not include any thought of 4 littles. Other than having to verify with the college student cashier whether I had actually paid I thought I handled everything well. I didn't sit, but stood and bounced Isaiah (so that *in love* couple could actually enjoy their date) and the other 3 sat and ate their yogurt like young human beings. It was amazing!

When we got home I was tired, but incredibly pumped. I did it! Mama of four...6 hours in embarrassing meltdowns (this time)...even some happy Nutcracker memories to stash away.

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