Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Joy Dare::November

1872. From my window
1873. Wrapping Isaiah in a blanket handmade with love
1874. Aliza's design:
1875. Home together as a family
1876. Anna insisted on "folding" her own laundry
1877. Josiah's lunchtime prayer
1878. Tax return feels like a second chance
1879. Paid attention to my body and stayed on the couch longer this afternoon
1880. This sweet face napping on me
1881. 4 children--1 Mama--Bible study and dance--arrived home with 4 happy children and 1 very tired Mama
1882. A friend provided supper for us. The perfect night for it.
1883. Parenting advice heard: Love. Do everything in love.
1884. Usually a gift, sometimes a hard gift, but it's my mantra "Life is not about me."
1885. My Mom lives close enough that when I hit the proverbial brick wall I can plan an afternoon visit
1886. Just knowing that I am going to Mom's house this afternoon
1887. The sparkle in Josiah's eyes while he told me about his afternoon with Grandad
1888. How Aliza takes care of Isaiah in the car
1889. Long weekend nap
1890. A safe yard where the children can play alone
1891. Jeremy cooked supper
1892. At the expense of my post op body, I have floors that are swept and steam mopped
1893. My students are figuring out that they like having school finished by lunch
1894. Some wide awake baby moments today
1895. Learned that a new friend understands thyroid stuff from personal experience
1896. Laughing
1897. Doing some learning just for me
1898. Accepting myself, my emotions and body, just the way they are right now
1899. Sun in my eyes
1900. Taking full advantage of a warm afternoon
1901. The ladies I see on Wednesdays
1902. Cousins, Aunts and Grandma
1903. Chai Tea
1904. Doctors who talk to me, look at lab results and trust my instinct and experience
1905. Meghan got to be the cool Aunt who did cartwheels with my kids and the cool sister-in-law who straightened up my house tonight
1906. Leaving 4 children in the capable hands of my Dad
1907. Reminder to live in the now and now waiting for another season of life
1908. Remembering how to play inside now that it's colder
1909. Content to sleep in brother's arms and brother is content to hold him
1910. Heard Josiah singing in church
1911. Some new clothes
1912. Celebrating Grandad's 87 years
1913. Anna comforting her big sister and big sister feeling comforted by her
1914. Making supper for my brother's family
1915. Hurting for someone else
1916. Being able to give my Mom a hug
1917. A friend making sure I get out of the house
1918. Cold day crafts
1919. An "I'm overwhelmed" text to Jeremy and he skipped the meeting and came home
1920. My mother-in-law understanding my heart
1921. Each of the children's Bible study teachers
1922. A content baby
1923. Anticipating her birthday party
1924. Dad coming over to hold Isaiah so I could frost the birthday cake
1925. Talking to a friend on the phone while cleaning up the house
1926. A good first time traveler
1927. 3 brothers together for a few days
1928. Coffee and chatting with some of my favorite girls
1929. Isaiah definitely knows who I am. He looks for me when he hears my voice. He almost smiled today.
1930. Enjoying Anna's 4 year old joy and excitement
1931. My mother-in-law's Thanksgiving cooking
1932. Safely home--first trip with 4 a success
1933. Alternate heat source and a night of mild temperatures
1934. Watching Josh enjoy his nieces and nephews
1935. "Crafts"
1936. Drinking chai and holding my baby
1937. Two nights of Isaiah sleeping until 5am #itsatrendnow
1938. The big kids still want snuggles and cuddles
1939. I feel good! I feel like myself again!
1940. Cold rain that makes me happy to settle on the couch this afternoon
1941. Prompt fix to our leaky boiler
1942. Afternoon (kid) paper project: making pop up storybooks and paper flowers
1943. My Mom's Thanksgiving cooking
1944. Anna and Gideon played and played and played together
1945. Conversation, nap and just being family
1946. 10 years cancer free!
1947. No school, playing with cousins, sitting on my sister-in-laws couch--it was a lovely morning
1948. The evening of Black Friday was a great time for grocery shopping. The store was almost eerily quiet.
1949. Preparing for Advent
1950. Thanksgiving weekend at home
1951. Decorating
1952. Pretzel treats and Puppy Chow
1953. Jeremy did lots of baby holding and I took a nap
1954. Choosing contentment on one income

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