Saturday, September 19, 2015

Getting in to the Swing of Things

The first few weeks of school were a struggle for me watching all my nieces and nephews going to school. My sister in law even has an empty house a couple mornings every week. I can't even imagine! I don't wish for that on a regular basis, but when given a moment to daydream it does sound pretty nice. Good thing I enjoy delayed gratification!

I stayed very close to home to get in to our morning school routine. That is going very well so I took some liberties this week. A few outings on gorgeous days reminded me exactly what the advantages of this home education thing are and I remembered that I do love it and we are all thriving.

Pemberton Park has some nice trails to walk and places to explore. They had most of their school work done so after Isaiah's morning nap I threw some sandwiches together and we left almost at noon for a hike.
I carried Isaiah in the b'jorn. Everyone wanted to do another trail, but I couldn't. All of the baby's weight is on my shoulders and lower back, but it was good to get exercise and fresh air. We will go again this fall. There is a letterbox waiting for us there too!
Another day we got an invitation for one last swim at the pool. I dropped everything and they swam. I didn't even take my bathing suit because I have very low tolerance for cold water! I was perfectly happy to sit and watch and entertain Isaiah. The children swam---and shivered. I pretty sure I heard Josiah's teeth chattering. lol.
Just for the record--Aliza and Josiah had dentist appointments this week. Neither of them had any cavities. Just sayin'!!! :)

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