Friday, September 11, 2015

Three Big Personalities

Anna decided it was time for some new shoes--sneakers, she calls them, in particular. And socks. It was true, Anna was due for some new shoes. She and Aliza went to the store with me. Anna was beside herself with excitement. We picked out socks first, but she was immediately distracted by the hair bows displayed beside the socks. So she picked out hair decoration and then picked out socks and skipped her way over to the shoes.
She made a beeline to the end of the aisle and was immediately convinced that she would choose the black and neon hi-top straight from the 80s tennis shoes. She tried them on and loved them. I showed her a glittery silver and purple pair. She tried those one and immediately ruled them out. Then she saw the rainbow color sneakers, tried those on and declared them very comfortable and the ones she wanted. THEN she saw the display of Frozen sandals and flip flops. Couldn't leave without a pair! When we got home she laid everything out, tried everything on and declared that everything looked fabulous on her. All week she has carried both pairs of shoes with her everywhere and changes them frequently. Today she told me that she needed another pair of sneakers. Sorry, kiddo, that will have to wait until you finance your own shoe collection!!!

Josiah has been dreaming of building a playhouse/treehouse for most of the summer. He and Anna decided to take action. They scavenged the garage for wood, hammer, nails and screws. They decided on a location and asked permission. Wood has been drug across the yard to the tree. They worked until dark trying to attach the wood to the tree. Josiah is so determined and confident that he can make this work. I cheer him on in his endeavors.

Aliza has written another play this week. Each person in the family has a part. The play is 7 written pages (printer paper, kid printing) in length complete with stage instructions and costumes chosen--with changes--during the play. Aliza has such confidence in all of us!! Her vision far exceeds our skill! I negotiated for being able to hold scripts instead of memorizing our lines during our big performance for all of the stuffed animals in our house. We have practiced several times and our director (Aliza) is quite stressed out about her actors lack of focus and silliness. Jeremy had us laughing so hard we were crying the other night. Of course Jeremy and I just look at each other, while our daughter is so seriously giving all of us detailed instruction, and I can hardly keep a straight face. Tomorrow was supposed to be our big performance but our practice schedule has been disrupted so it looks like the performance will be delayed. Aliza has graciously decided to call the play "Belle's Bloopers" so that whatever silliness ensues with her actors will be ok because "bloopers" are supposed to be funny. (And so that she won't be disappointed if we don't live up to her hopes and dreams!)

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