Monday, January 25, 2016

From the Very Edge of the Blizzard

Jeremy's parents and brother are buried under 40 inches of snow so our couple inches doesn't really count for anything. But we did get some snow, rain and wind on our edge of the blizzard. The snow started on Friday afternoon. The snow started accumulating to maybe 4-5 inches.
It was a cozy evening to have our Family Dinner Book Club. We watched the Paddington movie and had bear themed snacks--and hot tea.
The blew hard Friday night and the rain melted a lot of the snow. It rained all morning on Saturday. I actually went grocery shopping and it started snowing again by the time I finished shopping. I felt like I cooked all day on Saturday. Cookies are a must for a snow day and just when I cleaned up the kitchen someone was hungry for the next meal! We also watched the first show of the new season of Duck Dynasty.

Sunday brought blue sky, sun and no wind. We got just enough snow to cover the debris from the wind on Saturday. The children have enjoyed playing and exploring by the ditch creek. Earlier in the week it had been shallow enough that it didn't go over their boots. Sunday Josiah came in with sopping wet boots because it was deeper than he thought it would be.
Aunt Laura came over to play in the snow and build snowmen. Anna was her most faithful helper. Anna had so much fun in the snow--constant giggles and snowballs!

This turned out to be wishful thinking for Josiah. He wanted to see if he could ride bike in the snow.
Isaiah was less than impressed with the snow. There was not a single smile while he was out and the only place he was reasonably happy was in his Daddy's arms.

Sunday evening we went to my parents to watch football. It was really nice to have a change of scenery. I didn't realize that we were in so much need of that! We took some scrapbook things. Aliza sorted through her box and gave some things to Anna. Anna was quite thrilled.
Isaiah found a juice box and thoroughly enjoyed it. The mess was quite minimal for a first time juice box drinker. It was pretty funny when he could not figure out why juice squirted in his face.
Finally, today was a lot warmer and the snow melted a lot. Josiah and Anna rolled very large snowballs that they were proud of.

When my parents told us kids what new state we would be moving to, we always asked what the severe weather risks were. Dad picked well. The Eastern Shore of Maryland is a great place to live to experience each season without much severe weather.

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