Monday, January 18, 2016

Inside the Mundane

Snow flurries were expected yesterday, but having the ground and trees covered was a surprise. With today and tomorrow being exceptionally cold the snow is sticking around for a few days.
I didn't mean to be, but I was in a bad mood this morning--low on patience and snapping at the children. There were lots of snow clothes strewn over the kitchen and beyond and once I got the downstairs tidied up and swept, I felt a lot better. There is something about a tidy house. Even if I don't get to do any deeper cleaning, if the house is tidy, I'm ok.
Josiah and Anna went out to play for a little while. They had hot chocolate and decided to drink it in the living room and talk while they drank.
Learning about germs and handwashing--glitter was the germs. Anna was very enthused about this activity!
The main event of the morning was a trip to the library because Aliza has been without a book to read all weekend and she could not go another day--no matter what the wind chill was. We bundled up and headed out. The closest parking lot was closed for some kind of repair so we had to park in the parking garage. It's not that much farther, but it was windy cold and we had to cross the street twice. Poor Anna had to run to keep up with me. Aliza takes along her book lists so that she can make sure she gets the right book in the series; however, she has never referred to her lists in the library. She has them memorized. =)
This afternoon I added a few things to my cedar chest which always requires a bit of nostalgia. My Mom made this dress for me to wear for my kindergarten graduation and it looked like it was just the perfect size for Anna. Anna was thrilled to try it on and would have worn it for the rest of the day had I let her.
I also did laundry, folded it and put it away, completed school work and prepared school for tomorrow, cooked supper, washed dishes, supervised baths, snuggled in bed and read books to kiddos (had to referee a couple squabbles during the time), rocked baby and laid with three more kiddos until they fell asleep. Just when the last was falling asleep hubby drove in from work. How's that for a mundane day!!?

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