Saturday, January 2, 2016

Joy Dare::December

2994. HAD to get to the library today--in the pouring rain--because Aliza was out of reading material
2995. Because it is so rainy we spent extra time reading this afternoon
2996. Missed out on an event to stay home with a sick kiddo, but I got to listen to that kiddo talk to me
2997. The lingering colorful leaves on a few trees
2998. A Christmas story play
2999. Fruit, veggies, cookies and conversation
3000. These faces:
3001. Advent coloring
3002. Road trip
3003. So many tears saying good bye to Mommy for a couple days
3004. Chai
3005. Sitting around my Grandma's table with my Mom and Aunts
3006. Getting texts from my big girl while I'm away
3007. A long walk
3008. Reconnecting with some of my cousins
3009. Visiting
3010. Seeing the sunrise and the sunset in the car
3011. My time with my Mom
3012. Hugging each of my children and my husband
3013. Laundry finished and folded for me
3014. After 11 hours of driving, grace to give attention and hugs and love and read bedtime stories
3015. Dismissed from jury duty just in time to make it to Bible study on time
3016. Called for jury duty on a day when Mom is available to help
3017. So grateful to be able to send the children outside on a December morning to play
3018. Jeremy home from work a little bit early
3019. Aliza sitting beside me during adult conversation. (She's growing up.)
3020. Jeremy forgives my lack of perfection.
3021. Picnic in December
3022. Aliza had a blast at the trampoline park.
3023. Seasonally scented body wash.
3024. Enjoyed the Christmas contata and some time with Anna
3025. A warm afternoon to climb trees, mow grass and dig in the dirt
3026. Sweat sore muscles from outside work in December
3027. Sharing headphones
3028. Simple play:
3029. Eating gingerbread cookies and getting a haircut
3030. Isaiah crawling just as fast as he can to keep up with his siblings outside
3031. Got to see Aliza land cartwheels on her feet at dance
3032. Cookie baking started
3033. Anticipating a break from school
3034. Wishing she could just read all day
3035. Community dinner
3036. Cookies ready for WV Christmas
3037. Happy excited children
3038. Courage to make the call and ask to be excused from jury duty on Monday
3039. That first moment of Christmas break feeling
3040. Everybody so excited to be at Grandma and Grandpa's house
3041. Happy tears
3042. Hours of playing together
3043. Just being with familly
3044. Playing Memory with Anna before 7am. (She's really good at Memory!)
3045. Jeremy drove most of the way home
3046. My refrigerator looks a lot like my in laws refrigerator
3047. Working together to assemble Isaiah's new toy
3048. Wrapping gifts
3049. Shopping finished
3050. Snuggling my little guy at nap time
3051. Delivering cookies to our neighbor
3052. All presents wrapped
3053. My family
3054. Gifts and surprises
3055. Cookies for supper
3056. The most beautiful Christmas sound: fully engaged, completely content and happy children playing together
3057. Wore the kids out on Christmas Eve and two slept until 8:00 Christmas morning
3058. Dad with us for supper
3059. A bit of Christmas caroling
3060. Super relaxed day
3061. Way too involved in Amazing Race
3062. Playing with Anna. Watching Isaiah play
3063. Isaiah had some time alone with Grandma
3064. Our children showing self control and respect
3065. Continuing the holiday trend of relaxing
3066. Days spent with no routine show the need for an eventual return to routine
3067. So much conversation and cooperation--the modern way to play "house"
3068. Wonderful helpers with cleaning out toys
3069. All of the Legos in the house are in one place
3070. Board games
3071. Phone time with a faraway friend and in person time with another friend
3072. Aliza having SO much fun with friends
3073. Feeling socially fulfilled
3074. Little guy growing up.
3075. Saying goodbye to a great year filled with memories, joy and growth

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