Sunday, March 20, 2016

Celebrating Spring

Isaiah's first Easter egg hunt! He had had own eggs and got to "find" his eggs first so that I could watch him and his Daddy could take pictures! We've been having a lot of conversations about entitlement in our kids so it was interesting to watch Isaiah be perfectly content with one, maybe two, eggs. But we kept on encouraging him to find more. (There were six for him.)
The cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents watched from inside. It was cold!

Then the big kids were off! There was no wasting time. Aliza had scouted out eggs while she was watching Isaiah and found her limit in no time. Aliza also announced her retirement from Easter egg hunting.

Anna particularly enjoyed coloring eggs. I tried to explain to her that the longer she keeps the egg in the color, the brighter the color would be. Waiting was not Anna's idea of fun!
Watching Mom and Laura put the quilt in the frame was pretty interesting for some of the children to watch. It was interesting for me! Mom hasn't had a quilt set up in a very long time. This was the very first step. I was busy handing out pins later so I didn't take any more pictures.
Now that we've celebrated spring, it is cold and rainy again! I'll just enjoy every day as it comes.

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