Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Kids Best Prank--So Far

It was sort of a strange time for a bath--the middle of the afternoon--but I had 3 kids in the bathtub while I was finishing school with the 4th kid. We finished school and I laid down for a bit because I just wasn't feeling that great. It wasn't too long until I knew naked children were running around and then there were exclamations of "Ew...Isaiah...why did you poop in the bathtub?" I hopped up faster than any person who doesn't feel that great has ever hopped off the bed and made a beeline for the bathroom. I rounded the corned to see this:

And I exclaimed, "Why didn't you call me right away?" "AND WHY ARE YOU STILL IN THE BATHTUB????!!!" Then I'm thinking baby child of mine how did so much stuff come out of you? Are you sick?

There was some silence and snickers and no quick movement of the remaining child to exit the bathtub. Aliza says, "Mom, it's CARDBOARD." A wrapping paper roll was brought into the bathroom and got wet and then was easily shredded.

They laughed hysterically. I had to chuckle that they had honest to goodness tricked me without even meaning to. It wasn't a pre-planned scenario. I kept on the Mom face with a stern "You better clean up this bathroom." On second thought I grabbed my camera. They still cleaned up the bathroom.

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