Friday, March 25, 2016

The Crazy of this Week

Jeremy and I had a fabulous date weekend last weekend and it was a good thing because I was rested and calm to deal with the craziness that I didn't know was going to happen this week!

Crazy 1: I picked up the children Monday morning only to come home to find that the water pressure downstairs was very low and upstairs there was no water. I texted my man and he told me to press the restart button the water tank--which is under our house. After I did some whining and tried to get Josiah to do the job for a dollar I crawled under the house. There was no reset button. Jeremy told me to go back under to tell him what the pressure gauge said. So I crawled under again. And then I was done. I told Jeremy he married a girl. We just waited for Jeremy to come home for supper. He went under the house and fixed it. 
Crazy 2: I had two babysitters lined up to take care of my kiddos during my endocrinology appointment. They both had sickness issues and cancelled the morning of the appointment. I had a feeling this was going to happen, but I still had a *bit* of anxiety about taking four children with me to an adult doctor's office. Thankfully, I do not have four toddlers and all of the children acted age appropriate at the office. The 10 year old read, the 8 year old played on my phone, the 5 year old sat quietly on a chair and the 1 year old ran all over the office. Our entire time in the office was only 45 minutes. It was nice to walk out of a public place without being embarrassed. I still felt like I accomplished something big that morning.

Crazy 3: We have mosquitoes already and lots of them. I made an anti itch spray using peppermint and tea tree oils. It really works. I've used it. The children have used it when they were really complaining about a bite and shortly after using it the complaining stops. If it didn't stop the itch, I can promise you I would continue to hear about the bites!
Crazy 4: The hole turned in to a cave. The next morning there was water in the hole and it hadn't rained. Jeremy told Josiah that he needed to fill it in to a safe level.
Josiah did. And now it's a perfect hole for Isaiah. Josiah is scouting out a place for a new hole.
Crazy 5: Josiah came in with a balloon with a handful of dirt in it. The idea was to blow up the balloon and pop it--a dirt bomb. So he hopped up on the counter and blew up the balloon. I tied it. He hopped down and I said, "Now get outside because I don't want that thing to pop in my kitchen." As I'm saying that I see that Josiah is holding the balloon and an open safety pin in the same hand. And just as I saw that the pin touched the balloon and it popped--in my kitchen. It was the dirt bomb that he had hoped for. He just hadn't planned on having to sweep up the mess. 

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