Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bathroom Remodeled

One day my Mom said, "Carla, I want you to give me the paint cards that you want for your downstairs bathroom." Another day while she was here she was measuring and mentioned that Dad might have a piece of linoleum leftover that might fit the bathroom. And I said, "Have you seen how bad the laundry room floor is? Do you think he has one big enough for both rooms?"

We were leaving for the weekend and the request was made for Jeremy to take out the sink. My birthday was coming up, we were leaving the house empty for a few days and Mom and Dad were about to work some magic.
I had bought a pedestal sink back in December and didn't know how or when it would get installed. I just contented myself to let it sit in the box in the shed. I started looking around at different decorating ideas and found that I really liked white walls and a sort of modern farmhouse look.

Mom painted the bathroom and laundry room walls white. Dad put in floor, sink, toilet, baseboard heater and patched some holes (that were there when we moved in) and probably more. I love the white walls, but when we walked in the new linoleum on the floor was AMAZING.
Mom called us during the weekend and asked, "What kind of toilet do you like?" Sometimes it is just best to answer and not ask questions. I will tell you this toilet is a huge improvement. There has never been a more beautiful toilet! =) And see that electric baseboard heater? Dad said there was no way he was putting the rusted one back in after he took it out.
With the walls being so pretty, I wasn't in a huge hurry to put anything on them--including the mirror. I was a day late--Isaiah managed to knock it over and break it before it got back on the wall. So Anna and I set out on a mirror hunt. I had a dollar amount that I wanted to stay under. I checked Goodwill first. (I have no luck at Goodwill.) Then we went to Hobby Lobby. I haven't been in the store for years and, oh my goodness, I could have picked a million things I loved there. Anna was even more excited than me. I've never seen such a shopping enthusiast. This mirror caught my eye and guess what? Mirrors were 50% and that put it under my limit. It's huge. Too big for the room and sink by decorating standards, I'm sure. But I love it.
Shelving was next on my list. I went shopping in my house and decided that this shelf needed a new job. Anna and Josiah helped me paint it white. It is not a perfect paint job and I'm ok with that. The imperfection makes me smile because having such excited helpers and them talking to me while we worked is so much better than a perfectly painted piece.
I'll find just the right things to finish off the shelves someday.
I picked up this hook at Hobby Lobby too. I figured it could be a towel holder for now.
I still have the window to figure out. I think I want to do 2" faux wood blinds. The window is not a standard size so I have to see where I can get some for a price I'm willing to pay!

Next time I'm ready for a project painting the cabinets in the laundry room white will be at the top of the list.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for giving me the BEST birthday present EVER!!!

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