Sunday, August 14, 2016

Picking Up Potatoes

Years ago, I remember feeling so blessed that Josiah could work with his Great Grandad in the garden. Now, 5 years later, my heart was about to explode watching the big boys be a big help to their Great Grandad in the garden and Isaiah getting to run around in the dirt and follow his Great Grandad around for the first time.

It was a beautiful day. Warm, but not too hot and not too humid. I brought chairs out to the edge of the garden so that Great Gramma could enjoy the day too. I'll add a few words, but the pictures will mostly tell this story.

Panoramic shot of the garden. There were 2 rows of potatoes to dig.

Josiah standing protectively by Isaiah while Great Grandad uses the tractor to plow up the rest of the row.

Isaiah wants to hoe too.

All morning Isaiah was right there by Great Grandad doing exactly what he was doing.

Isaiah loved the wagon. He got to ride a few times.
The party really started when Caleb and Gideon arrived. Those 3 boys stuck with it until the end. And then they were allowed to dig a big hole in the garden--using pick axes. Josiah was especially excited about that.
From the sidelines--

The girls picked zinnias and then wanted to tie them with ribbons to make bouquets. Great Gramma obliged.
It was McDonalds for lunch. And then after the children were back to playing my Gramma had pretty dessert for Meghan and I.
(Isaiah fell asleep on the way home, didn't move when I changed his diaper and took a very long nap!)

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Karen said...

This is so heartwarming:)