Thursday, August 25, 2016

Some Summer Days

A big part of my summer story is adding my nieces to our family life a couple days every week. I love them dearly, but taking care of 6 children is---taking care of 6 children! When everyone is happy and playing and getting along it's great. When any one of the little girls was unhappy, feeling left out or mad about something, it wasn't so great! I took a few pictures along the way of some of our days.

Some days I thought I had lots of snacks on the counter for the afternoon.
Every day the snacks were empty and something else was added to the counter!
Some days I took 3 girls to dance camp. Other days I took 5 children to swimming lessons.
Some days they had water balloon fights.
Some days we took walks and bike rides.
Some days I took in the sweet moments of quiet and peace.
One day was Lydia's birthday and she brought her ginormous unicorn birthday present.
That afternoon I had to take the ginormous unicorn home and she rode in the front seat.
Some days everyone played happily outside for hours building a village and pretending.
One day our neighbors were getting ready for a birthday party and invited us over to try out the bouncy house water slide.
I think it all added up to a pretty great summer for everyone!

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