Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My 3rd Kindergartener

Anna could hardly wait to start school. She was counting down the days.
She may have been mostly counting down the days to Day 4 of school when she got to make her first Snack of the Week--cupcakes. There is little more exciting than Snacks of the Week when we have a kindergartener here. =)
Anna will do great this year.

Aliza is taking on 5th grade like pro. She has initiated taking notes for History and Science and she loves to tell me everything that she wrote down for the day. Her most favorite teacher teaches 5th grade History so that is a huge plus for her. English is her least favorite subject--maybe I should say grammar is her least favorite. Writing is no problem for her.  The other new thing this year is that I'm making her slow way down on Math to make sure that she gets everything. So far we've had no drama with Math and I'd like to keep it that way through high school!

Josiah. Bless his heart. I love that boy dearly. He would prefer to do anything besides school. He has taken on a renewed interest in Legos. He loves his design based computer games (Minecraft and Roblox). When he does his schoolwork he has no problem producing correct answers--which amazes me every day because it does not appear that he is paying the least bit of attention. There have been tears just about every day, but we press on. The kid can read, write, and do math--he's going to be just fine!

We are off to a good start!

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