Monday, September 5, 2016

Joy Dare::August

3634. Ombre sky
3635. Unexpected McDonald's delivery
3636. Me and my boy
3637. Loved having my nephews running around my house this morning
3638. Jeremy sent me to the bedroom for a break this evening. I laid on the the bed and fell asleep.
3639. A little one on one chat with Lydia
3640. Aliza, Josiah and Anna made so much swimming progress
3641. My favorite 10 kiddos in the pool all together
3642. Scrapbooking and chatting with Maria
3643. Looking Josiah in the eye and listening. I found out he has a lot to  tell me.
3644. Listening to the waves crash
3645. Olympics starting tonight
3646. Aliza easily naming 10 things she's thankful for at night
3647. Making salsa with helpers--Gramma peeled tomatoes and Aliza diced the green peppers and onions
3648. First curriculum order
3649. Extra ice cream treat for the last pool day
3650. Morning Lydia snuggles
3651. Grace to clean up the hugest mess yet
3652. I opened my mouth and out popped an invitation for my grandparents to come over for lunch
3653. Watching Olympics also means watching children's antics which left me laughing more than once this evening
3654. Josiah had a great day with Caleb
3655. Daddy handled his daughter's heart so well
3656. How easy it is for the girls to rattle off 10 gifts at night
3657. Meals in the freezer
3658. Time together
3659. Jeremy got to golf
3660. By the end, everyone had fun at the beach
3661. Sharing my kitchen with my daughter
3662. Submitting to the wisdom of my husband
3663. Sunday relaxing
3664. Jeremy taught Sunday School for me
3665. Ice cream after church
3666. Snuggling with a sick Isaiah
3667. Josiah volunteered without knowing it and didn't hesitate to go on stage
3668. Enthusiastic chef in training
3669. Gorgeous moon
3670. Holding the girls off on starting school for a few more days
3671. Got to read during Sports Camp.
3672. Grabbed a conversation with a homeschooling mom friend--we covered a lot of ground in a short time
3673. Thunderstorm snuggles--a king size bed would come in handy!
3674. Playing ball with Isaiah
3675. "It's not what you do that matters. It's how you do it. Do what you love and while you do it, make much of Jesus." Kristen Welch
3676. A little pre-party fun with our neighbor
3677. Driving down the road with "Uni" the unicorn in the front seat
3678. Introducing a group of women to Trades of Hope
3679. Having my Anna girl for my sidekick
3680. Supper ready when I got home
3681. First day of school--started off rocky but we made it through
3682. Did not expect the first day of kindergarten to make her fall asleep at rest time. (It's nice to know she's still a little girl.)
3683. My head and throat felt so much better this morning
3684. The morning you walk outside and are greeted with cool morning air without heavy humidity
3685. They are building forts, climbing trees and living in a pretend world
3686. Dad's mower was really fun to use
3687. Neighbors that I care about
3688. Renee and Lydia's last summer day with us was a fun one
3689. Sweet moments
3690. Jeremy stopped in at home for lunch
3691. Aliza is being very diligent with her schoolwork
3692. The guy that always wants to sit beside me. =) (Jeremy)
3693. A gas station f'real milkshake and I'm ready to drive the rest of the way to WV
3694. Talking fast to make the most of my little time with Brandi
3695. Decided to make memories at Greenbriar State Park
3696. Aliza and I enjoyed walking part way around the lake
3697. Beautiful story of new life found in Christ
3698. Fun at the park and visiting with Matt and Chrissy
3699. Isaiah is such a good sport even when he is tired
3700. Anna did a little better than last time at the dentist
3701. Ordering pictures for Gramma. She loves her pictures and it is fun to make her happy.
3702. Somehow we got the schoolwork, chores and household duties done that needed to get done today
3703. The first kindergarten snack of the week is always so exciting
3704. Snuggly morning with a not-quite-feeling-good little guy
3705.  I love dreaming with my Mom
3706. Being aware that I needed an adult conversation
3707. Aliza and Anna having some great sister friend time
3708. Isaiah being the first one to hold hands when we pray before our meal

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