Sunday, September 25, 2016


This was one of those weeks that left me feeling breathless and not very amazing. Every day flew by at break neck speed and several days we were scurrying to finish schoolwork after supper.

We had not been to the zoo in a very long time so this week we went and had a ball. Isaiah walked and it was just really fun to tag along with the kids while they ran from habitat to habitat exclaiming over whatever they saw.
Aliza and Josiah were the photographers (except for these two). They wanted to capture every animal in a picture. It was cute--as long as they weren't fighting over whose turn it was to use the camera.
On this particular day I also got to visit with a friend from out of town and take supper and chat for a bit with some other friends. This weekend felt busy too. It's a good, healthy busy!  For the next couple hours I'm going to exhale before the next week starts!

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