Tuesday, September 20, 2016

No More Pain!

My Gramma gave me permission to share what she wrote when she was too excited to sleep on Labor Day, September 5.

The background to this story is that Gramma has had some kind of muscle spasms in her back for several years. The spasms are painful to the point where she cannot get comfortable and do the things that she enjoys doing. Here's her story:

"Jesus healed my back--no more pain! I have prayed for a miracle for a long time. My back hurt so badly. Tonight, after our family picnic supper; Pansy, Janell, Carla, and Aliza came over to my living room to pray with me and for me. After a short time of praying in a circle; holding hands: I didn't feel any pain in my back!! Jesus answered our prayers! We were faithful in seeking Jesus' request to 'ask whatever your need is, and He will answer' Matthew 7:7 He did--and we praised Him and thanked Him for His faithfulness to our humble request.

I stood up--bent my back in different directions and leaned down towards the floor! Then I lifted both arms up high and thanked and praised God! No pain!! Gone! Such a blessing! Thank you Lord for your goodness to us.

Aliza was so thrilled to see Jesus heal. His power is awesome. We serve an awesome God. We all praised Him and thanked Him and gave Him glory. 'As you have believed, so be it done to thee.' Matthew 8:13"
If you know my Gramma, you know she LOVES pictures so I couldn't help taking this one when we realized the pain was gone!    

Carla's thoughts:
It is so humbling to be a participant when God moves in a tangible way. When I arrived at Mom's house that evening, I went over to Gramma's house for something and found her bent over the sink moaning as she was trying to slice a tomato for the picnic. This was the worst back pain I had seen her in. I told Mom. Mom went over a bit later and then Mom told me that she felt like we should pray for Gramma. When we were headed to Gramma's house to pray, I saw Aliza and told her what we were doing and asked her if she wanted to come along. She agreed and, boy, was she ever glad she took that opportunity!

Like Gramma said, we just sat in a simple little circle, holding hands, and praying for God to touch Gramma. We prayed for a little while and then kinda wrapped it up and didn't really think anything happened. But when we said "Amen" Gramma  said, "My pain is gone." And she threw up her hands. I can tell you that she was definitely not lifting up her hands earlier! I was still trying to wrap my head around what happened when Gramma stood up quickly and stood there standing straight up and bending from side to side and forward. When she declared she wanted to vacuum I knew she was good to go! We were laughing and crying. You know what happens when you see God? You get a bitty glimpse of how much HE loves you. Gramma KNEW that God loves her and it changed her. Sure, her pain was gone, but her soul knows his love in a new way.

Back to Aliza, she was incredibly humbled that God would use her as a participant in healing. She said, "Mom, I could have said no and gone and played and I would have missed it. I'm so glad I said yes." Aliza was the one to run outside and tell the men what happened. Aliza said to me later that night, "Great Gramma is always pretty but when the Spirit of God was inside of her she was beautiful."

Since Labor Day Gramma has had some back pain here and there, but the pain has not been debilitating for which we are very thankful and continue to ask God to restore the strength in those muscles so that she can live without great pain.

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