Sunday, September 11, 2016

We did not labor on Labor Day

*Aliza thinks I blog every night. It's always funny when the children guess what Mommy does in those mysterious hours (minutes??) after they go to sleep.*

Our Labor Day was filled with family and we enjoyed every minute. We started with Aunt Laura teaching the children how to makes gummy candy. She had a VERY busy kitchen! 
You mix together jello and gelatin and let it sit and then put it in the microwave. Then you (slowly and carefully) pour it into molds and pop it in the freezer.
Meanwhile, Isaiah wears a necklace and drinks Uncle John's cold vanilla chamomile tea out of a *fancy* glass.

It doesn't take long in the freezer and then they can be popped out of the mold. They were mostly consumed as quickly as they came out of the molds!
In the evening we had a picnic at my parents house. It was a most beautiful evening to be outside. Uncle Jeremy put a puzzle together with Lydia. Uncle Jeff was playing soccer with Josiah and Isaiah. You really should see Isaiah kick balls. It's pretty cute!

Aunt Laura spent the evening going page by page through a cupcake recipe book with Aliza. Aliza love every single second of that! She and Laura made quite a list of cupcake recipes they plan to try.
Mom, Janell and I love visiting while we are doing something with our hands. This time we prepared cereal boxes to send to Haiti. A group called Apparent Project uses the cereal boxes to make jewelry that they sell. Now I need to figure out the next step for shipping them!
The rest of the week has been super hot and humid. We've had school, but in my mind, I'm still telling myself it is technically summer. I don't want to rush the change of seasons!

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