Thursday, March 9, 2017

Celebrating the Birthday Kids

The birthday celebrations were pretty simple this year. I think Aliza and Josiah still felt special and enjoyed their days.
Josiah had an outing with his Grandad--lunch and fishing. He wanted Domino's pizza for supper and fondue for dessert.
Aliza had her lunch with me the day before her birthday. We had a great time together. She was so shocked that I bought a book for her at Barnes & Noble. It totally made her day. On her birthday she kept me busy in the kitchen! French toast for breakfast, potato soup for lunch and Chinese for supper.
Jeremy and I thought and thought about what to give Aliza for her birthday. We finally settled on an mp3 player that also had an FM tuner. It was perfect. Jeremy loaded it with music he had and Aliza loved it. She loves to listen to KLOVE radio.
Aliza wanted ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries and double chocolate chunk cookies for her birthday dessert. I made a big plate for her for effect--she didn't eat all of it!
Aliza and Josiah wanted a big family birthday party so that what we did! It was in the afternoon and all I served was ice cream and cookies. So it was candles in the ice cream!
Aliza wanted to be a princess for her party. Her Grandma Karen gave her the perfect tiara and I curled her hair. It was the first time that she wanted me to curl her hair and she loved it. Her hair even held the curl pretty well.
An extra fun part of the birthday party weekend was that Joel showed them his brand new Nintendo Switch. They had a lot of fun with that.
On a whim I invited my parents to have supper with us, Jeremy's parents and Joel and Brandi. We had so much fun sitting around the table telling stories. There was lots of laughter and reminiscing. Aliza sat with us and soaked it all in.

The children all had such a fun party day that they were utterly exhausted by bedtime and proved to me that, in fact, they are not *that* grown up yet!

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