Tuesday, March 14, 2017

So. Much. Fun.

This was not quite an expected weekend to go to West Virginia, but when my friend Christie told me it would be a great weekend to hang out with her we made it happen. I wasn't sure if it would work out, but after we arrived, had supper and unpacked the car, I went over to Christie's house--alone--to visit. We drank tea, sat on the couch and talked. It was so good. I got back to the house in time to lay with Josiah. The girls had already fallen asleep!

Isaiah's new trick for the weekend: Jumping off the coffee table on to the mattress over and over and over.
Saturday morning we met at the library to play some family bingo. Each card had 8 animals on it and you filled up the whole card to win. Everyone had a great time. Oddly enough, Josiah, Isaiah and Karen each won a round.

After bingo, I introduced Christie to letterboxing. There was a series of letterboxes in the library that we found first. Christie and her boys were hooked. It was a little crazy walking through the adult non-fiction stacks with my littles.

I printed out a couple clues that morning in case they loved it and we used them. The  next one we found was a few blocks away in a chocolate shop. Isaiah lost all self control at that point, but it was a really neat letterbox.

Finally, we went over to the B & O Railroad station. It was freezing, but that didn't stop us! As soon as we got there a train came through which made the kids happy. Christie and I figured out the clue and she laid down and pulled the box out of the cliff. This little outing makes me want to print out a whole bunch more clues!
Josiah went back to Christie's house with her and her boys while I took Isaiah home for a nap. I took my girls and picked up Brandi and we went over to Christie's house for tea. My girls loved her teapots, teacups and decor. We could hear the boys playing upstairs having a lot of fun together. This was the first time Josiah really got to play with Graham and Liam in a really relaxed way. I think I can speak for Christie--our heart were full because we never dared to think that our boys were ever get to really know each other. Such an unexpected, sweet life surprise.
There was one more weekend promise made to the children--swimming in Joel and Brandi's hot tub. The air was so incredibly cold, but they lasted out there about 30 minutes.
The adults watched from inside--and I still shivered watching them!
Brandi made hot chocolate when they got inside and turned on the fireplace. (Brandi, it wasn't a long visit, but your hospitality was amazing and made us feel so special!) Isaiah and Joel had an epic rough housing session which turned in to all the children and Joel running in crazy circles around the house.
Playing Guess Who is always a requirement at Brandi's house. =)
Everyone was so excited and tired when we got back to Grandma and Grandpa's house. The kind of tired that makes it hard to fall asleep. After the kids were asleep, I'm pretty sure I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. I didn't really want the day to end though. I had so much fun.

The next morning Jeremy showed me a picture of the dessert he made himself and I very much wished I hadn't fallen asleep so fast!!

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