Monday, March 6, 2017

Joy Dare::February

4121. Scripture from a friend
4122. Aliza and Josiah working together on a science project
4123. Dad chatting about his family in the car
4124. Renee and Lydia have been great travellers
4125. Lydia snuggles
4126. Time in the car passed pretty quickly
4127. An audio book
4128. Just a quick walk through Wal-Mart
4129. Lunch with some of my cousins
4130. Sitting beside my Grandma
4131. Got a head start to home
4132. Hugging all my children and husband
4133. Jeremy capable and willing to take on the care of children and house while I'm away
4134. An exciting Superbowl game
4135. Getting back into the routine
4136. Warm enough for a bike ride
4137. A much needed nap
4138. Cousin soccer game
4139. A springish day is so good for our souls
4140. Talking with my cousin
4141. Comforting Isaiah during the first thunder that woke him
4142. Reading outside for a bit
4143. Snuggles with Sean
4144. Talented friends
4145. Soup on a cold, windy day
4146. Date!
4147. Aliza had so much fun at a birthday party
4148. Jeremy stopped and helped put out the fire
4149. Isaiah so intent on helping with Judy's puzzle
4150. Another night with cousins
4151. A lovely talk with Chrissy
4152. Weekend morning with everyone on the couch reading and watching a show
4153. Isaiah choosing to sit between his great grandparents during church
4154. Looking at pictures with Gramma
4155. A new school policy--hoping it has the desired effect
4156. Aliza so mature and taking care of herself
4157. Valentine's fondue
4158. Pink roses on the counter
4159. School finished so I could visit with Laura
4160. Successful evening in a new setting
4161. Didn't have to cook supper
4162. A book series that Josiah immediately got into
4163. It takes my involvement to streamline schoo
4164. Put some effort in making supper
4165. This:
4166. Girls playing with Barbies for hours
4167. Everyone crowded around Daddy
4168. An evening sitting beside Jeremy
4169. Celebrating Gramma and Grandad's 65th anniversary
4170. Banana splits and cupcakes
4171. Warm temperatures this weekend
4172. Trying out the new hammock
4173. Quiet family day that included work, rest and play
4174. Finding some signs of spring coming
4175. Outside read aloud time
4176. Josiah having a lot of fun outside building and creating
4177. The evening is much nicer when school is finished
4178. Isaiah walking into his CBS class by himself
4179. Everyone so excited for Wednesday night club
4180. Anna took off on her bike--no training wheels!
4181. Big brother/Little brother
4182. Second day of school outside on the porch
4183. That Friday evening accomplished feeling
4184. No one starved on the day before grocery shopping!
4185. Aliza fell asleep in my arm and she felt little and I didn't want to move
4186. Did a couple scrapbook pages
4187. Watching their childhood happen
4188. One more warm day
4189. French toast for breakfast was a big hit
4190. Francis Chan sermon
4191. Ordering pictures for Gramma
4192. Send the kids outside for a picnic = a lunch date for Jeremy and I
4193. A huge bag of new library books
4194. Rediscovered Uno
4195. Josiah's birthday morning excitement
4196. Won the battle of the temper tantrum
4197. Birthday fondue

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