Saturday, June 14, 2008

Family Day

What a lovely day we had! This morning we took a walk to see, if you know us, the most popular horses that live down the road. And today was extra special because our neighbors drove up as we were looking at their horses and invited Aliza to come to the barn and pet the horses. She was really excited until we actually got into the barn. Then she wanted to be held and kept saying no and didn't actually pet a horse. But as soon as we left the barn she wanted more and we had a hard time convincing her that she really did want to walk home and get lunch. In the end she decided to literally run home. =)

Then this afternoon we decided to go to the beach. I broke my cardinal rule of never waking a sleeping child. I woke up both of my children so that we could go to the beach. We went to a little cove in Nanticoke. It was perfect for children. I will frequent this spot this summer. The beach is narrow, the waves are very small, the shallow water goes out pretty far, and the water is not salty and exceptionally warm. We had a great time. Aliza got very comfortable in the water and Josiah was very content in his tent. Since I spent a small fortune on that tent I was most pleased that he seemed to like it.

Today almost makes me want to go on a vacation this summer.


Anonymous said...

Love it, Love it, Love it:) Josiah is getting quite verbal:) Aliza looks so relaxed with her Daddy. Love the ponytail!
We're still trying to get a upgrade for Atlantic City:)

Christie said...

Oh, such cute video! What a fun thing to wake up and watch this morning :) Love it too!