Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heslop House aka Bat Cave

It has happened again. We had another bat in our house last night. Ugh! We've had a couple incidents over the years, but two in one week is too much for me. In my opinion bats are worse than mice. They come out at night, bang into walls, knock things over and make a really annoying high pitched chirp. Plus they fly and are completely unpredictable. We have figured out that they are coming in through Jeremy's closet so my brother is coming to our rescue tonight to help Jeremy figure out what we need to do to secure the closet.

Last night's sighting was especially disturbing because the darn thing kept flying into Jeremy's closet (which slopes down to the roofline at our dormer windows) and wouldn't come out. I lay suffocating under the covers and Jeremy armed himself with a broom for 2 hours. I finally tried to get some sleep in Josiah's room. Jeremy never did see it leave. Here's hoping that it found a way out the way it come in.

So far no flying animals have found their way into Josiah or Aliza's room. This adds yet another good reason for upgrading to our house.

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Anonymous said...

I'm laughing out loud, even though I know it's not funny. The same thing happened in our house when I was a girl. My Mom would scream and my Dad(And brothers) would try and kill the thing with a broom....I would stay back and peep in the door. Eventually they would get it. Ours would come in through the attic and under the door into my parents bedroom.