Friday, June 27, 2008

Vacation Bible School

The little Methodist Church around the corner from our house hosts a Vacation Bible School every year. They have a class for under 4 so I decided to take Aliza this year. She had so much fun. There were five children in her class. Three of them were 2, one was 3, and one was 19 months. Every child had a parent stay with them and all the parents were in the same boat of chasing their child and trying to get them participate in some semblence of the structured activity. So tonight was their closing program and Aliza's class sang the song they learned. Aliza had no problem with being social. During the party tonight she was over with the big kids who were playing with the parachute and drinking her box drink.


Meghan said...

Oh my that's the cutest video!

Anonymous said...

She's brave! She looks so small next to the tall mohawk guy!...Love her dance:)