Sunday, June 22, 2008

Janell's Bridal Shower

Janell's bridal shower was a tea party. There were 11 of us altogether. I was the planner and visionary and my sisters and sister-in-law made it happen. Everyone played a special role and it wouldn't have been a success without their help.

The table. The favors were tealights and teabags.

This is a sampling of the food we had. The menu is too long to write. We counted 13 different foods that we prepared that morning. Highlights included orange chocolate chip scones with clotted cream, white chocolate mousse, and cucumber sandwiches.


My sisters and I.
Laura, Carla, Janell, Linda

The sisters and sister-in-law. Yay for Meghan! Meghan is such a good sport even though she detests living on the Eastern Shore. I only have one brother so she will be my only sister-in-law. How would you like to marry into a family of 4 sisters!??

Too bad my eyes are closed. Mom and her girls.

Mom and I


Meghan said...

I love those pictures!! The one of you & the girls is so great of everyone!! ...and look at how cute you & your mom look --with no gap!

...and I don't detest, per se. I'm learning to love the chicken smells and Walmarts. My new family makes for a wonderful support system :-)

kater's mom said...

yay. i have been stalking your blog waiting for pics!!! it looks beautiful and makes me feel worse that i couldnt make it.
and say that meghan is incredible is putting it lightly. i have alot of respect for that woman!
would us coming down around sometime between the 14th-24th of july workable? or too close to the wedding? we wouldnt expect much of you guys...maybe just a place to pitch a tent, and SOME time to spend together=D

Christie said...

Oh man! What a beautiful party! Looks like a magazine spread :)Love it! And, I like your knew blog background. Very elegant!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Carla! You made everything special and beautiful! -Janell