Friday, June 6, 2008

Mommy Marathon

Disclaimer: This post is written with high respect to those Mom's who have Mommy Marathons much longer than mine----Christie and Bea!

I feel like I'm running a marathon. (I'm sure plenty of Mommy's feel this way at times. Must be part of the job description.)

Aliza is feeling all better. She is fully of energy and silliness. And after a week of getting her own way we are having some battles that we have never had to fight before. Last night it was not negotiable that Daddy was going to put her to bed. Today it was not negotiable that the pacifier was going to stay home. And soon lunch will be completely eaten at the table. The promised after lunch DVD is so enticing that she doesn't even eat before she announces that she is done and runs to the living room to watch Pooh or Boz. The things I get myself into!

The marathon is this... Now Josiah has a cold. His little nose is all stuffed up. Last night I walked him at 3:30am. I have to walk with him if I want him to relax because his legs are so long and strong that when I hold him he just pushes with his legs against mine! So here I thought I was back to getting some sleep and have my happy children back. Jeremy has to work on Saturday and then he is leaving at 5:00am on Monday to go fishing with the large majority of my family.

I would consider this leg of the marathon to be over if I could drive to a destination of my choosing for a decent period of time. Right now I'd really love to go shopping for some new clothes and visit the semi-annual sales of Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works. This afternoon I'll settle for these few minutes when they are sleeping at the same time.

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Meghan said...

Praying for you.... I'll surely call you this week so neither of us go into withdrawal :-)