Thursday, November 25, 2010

4 year old Perspective

As of 24 hours ago Aliza had no idea that Mommy's produce milk to feed babies. Last night she saw me feeding Anna and did a double take. She kept talking and then started asking questions. So I gave her a simple explanation with proper anatomy language. Her summation, So, Mommy, you drink milk and it comes out your breast?

While we were driving to my parent's house for Thanksgiving today, Aliza was in the back seat of the van and making up a song on her perspective of babies. One line was "Babies grow in Mommy's tummy and come out very tiny." Another line was, "Babies drink milk out of Mommy's breast."

Then I was feeding Anna just before we came home. Anna's eyes were open which really mesmerized both Aliza and Josiah. Just as I was getting ready to feed Anna, Aliza goes screaming out of the room, "EVERYBODY! COME QUICK! COME QUICK! YOU ARE GOING TO MISS IT!" Breastfeeding was a spectator event that she wanted everyone to witness.

It hurts to laugh, but I couldn't help it.


Christie said...

Graham and Aliza need to get together and have a good long chat. Sort of, a children of breastfeeding mothers support group...I think I must have been asked a thousand times, "Mommy, why does milk come out of your boob?" I really do wonder what kind of memories our children will have! ;)

Me said...

Ha,Ha,Ha!!!! Laughing with you, Carla!!!! Very funny and so cute! I hope you have a quick and easy recovery.