Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Last Prego Pictures

The good thing about Jeremy taking pictures is that if the children act like they did today we didn't waste any money or someone else's time. The bad thing is that it is next to impossible to get Jeremy in the picture. Amid the crying, uncooperative spirit, and Josiah insisting on having his "saw" in the picture we got 2 good ones.

Officially 38 weeks. The end. No more pictures of me! I'm tired of eating and tired of gaining weight. I've gained a good 60 pounds. I'd appreciate a nice big baby to show for it!!! =)

I wanted everyone's hands on my tummy. Not too bad!

Now the funny face and the saw.

Look at Josiah's smile! We can rarely get a smile in a picture. Daddy told him to say cheesy-cakes and he did!

Yup, I'm going to be a busy Mom. I have busy children. I'm ready!


Christie said...

So cute! Boy it won't be long now!!!

Janell said...

Can't wait to meet the baby, almost there!