Saturday, November 13, 2010

While We Wait

We enjoyed a quiet morning as a family. As THE day approaches I cherish these moments with our family as we are now. Of course once I hold our baby I won't be able to imagine our family without her! That is the beauty of family. I had my camera close by and I just took a few pictures of some of our little moments.

Craft Central. Aliza spent lots of time today cutting and gluing.

Snuggles around my tummy.

Lots of playing in the leaves. It was a comfortably warm day and we took advantage of it!

Josiah found something to use as a drill to make holes in the piles of leaves (looking for bugs). He used his little tractor to push leaves. He used his lawnmower to mow the leaves. Finally, he used Daddy's shovel to scoop leaves.

Aliza hopped up on Daddy's lap and asked him to play with her hair.

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