Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just Some Thoughts

I've thought about blogging this week, but I haven't quite known what to say. I'm still not sure my thoughts are collected enough to write anything coherent. I'll go with the bullet-point-random-thoughts style of writing for tonight.

  • I can almost count hours instead of days until delivery.
  • We have to be at the hospital at 5:30am on Monday. Neither Jeremy or I was thrilled about that schedule change.
  • Yesterday's mental/spiritual challenge was to be content rather than throw a pity party for myself.
  • Most people have unique birth stories for each of their children. I can tell you exactly how mine will go. However, I am praying for joy in the journey despite still wishing things were different.
  • Besides a healthy baby, please pray that my spinal will not result in a headache and that I will have a quick emotional bond with the baby (that goes back to my other birth stories).
  • I am most excited about Aliza and Josiah meeting their baby sister. I can't wait to see their reaction and how they respond.
In other news....
  • Aliza is really into cutting with scissors. She has a craft table in the kitchen where she has been cutting out the tiniest pieces of doll house furniture and paper doll clothes which she printed on the computer. This has resulted in a paper takeover of the kitchen floor.
  • Josiah learned a new word this week: excited. He runs in circles around the house saying, I'm excited. I'm excited. I'm excited.
  • Aliza also informed us of a new word she learned. Ominous. We asked her what "ominous" meant. She said, "something is going to happen. Thunder and lightening are ominous." She told us that she learned that on Martha Speaks. (I guess some TV makes for smart kids!)
  • On that note, Netflix has saved my sanity this week. I'm afraid it will for the next several weeks....or months.
I can't believe that Thanksgiving is just days away. I really can't wrap my head around the fact that I will be home with a new baby by then. We are going to my parents house for Thanksgiving. I've reserved a bed there! I hope I feel like eating some turkey.

Jeremy will post on Facebook and I'll ask him to write a quick post for me (with a picture).

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Christie said...

Can't wait to see those sweet baby pics! Love you and I am praying for you!