Monday, November 1, 2010

It is November!

We will have a new baby this month! I put the baby book calendar page on the refrigerator today. I have made a year of calendar pages that I will keep on the fridge and record baby's milestones. The calendar pages will then go in the scrapbook.

There are so many emotions and thoughts swirling around in my head as I anticipate the coming of our baby. Many are not bloggable! I can say that change is not easy for either me or Aliza and that is a concern that is on my mind a lot.

It would be nice if Aliza and Josiah could be well behaved and "easy" these last couple weeks. Today did not start that way. Meghan called me this morning and about 2 seconds into the phone call I was crying. The day did not get better. Maybe the end of pregnancy insomnia will relent tonight so I have a chance to pull myself and my patience together for tomorrow.


Janel said...

Oh girlie, you and I are so so blessed and we do know it, but raising those little ones is HARD work! Hang in there and I'll be praying for you these last weeks.

Christie said...

Praying for you, my friend. I know its tough.

Christy said...

i'm so sorry things have been rough. hope things improve soon!!