Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Favorite Fall Event

There comes a time each fall when we start turning off the air conditioner during the day and turning on the heat at night. After a couple days or maybe a week of this new routine I begin passionately asking Jeremy to remove the huge window air conditioning unit from the living room. It is loud. It takes up a whole window. I don't like it at all. Last Sunday was the day of the removal.

Of course I should have looked ahead on the weather forecast. Yesterday and today were around 80 degrees and very humid. If the leaves weren't changing color it would feel like August. I had also not only put fall clothes in the childrens' dresser, I had responsibly packed up and put away the summer clothes! We were all HOT. Jeremy's computer got hot and started complaining too. After supper Jeremy sat with the children on the deck--in the dark--and let them listen to songs on his iphone. It was that annoying to be in the house.
All because I couldn't wait to be rid of that window unit! I had my own consequences too. It was not fun to be hugely pregnant today. I had to dig through Jeremy's drawers to find some shorts! One more day. Friday's high temperature is 56.

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Janel said...

I'm with ya! No air here, our heaters continually radiate heat even when they are off...we're molding and hot in here :). Hang in there, I can't imagine being prego yet too!